The Marketing Lists STORE provides an unbiased method of selecting data from a panel of our sponsors and partners. The STORE gives you the freedom of choice to select data from different companies together in one single location. The objective of the Marketing Lists STORE is to give you the best selection of data that is available in the market place.

Populus Green

In the Populus Green section of the STORE you can Buy Data from the central database known as Populus, 'the latin for population'. Populus is made up from a panel of data providers that sponsor the data they have contributed to the database.

Populus Stats


Each and every record in Populus is verified and confirmed regularly against the latest data sources. Before being allowed entry into the database records are passed through a filtration process to guarantee the data is current and up-to-date. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality data and work to direct marketing industry standards.